Flight is a sink of extraordinary innovative capacity in the world of Bathroom Design: thanks to a contemporary design that is accessible and is able to meet the needs of all and ideal for environments to be usable by people with disabilities. Finally, we turn the page to disability as normality using a modern style that revolutionized the aesthetics of the old bathrooms for the disabled, to say goodbye forever to discrimination.
Not only fashion design and famous designer, the awards granted (ADI Index, IF Product Design Award, Well-Tech, etc..) with Flight is a demonstration of how the Design for All conquer finally a prestigious place in the national and international. This project represents the perfect combination of exclusive design and extraordinary innovation that allows you to go beyond the barriers, to make it easy and simple to use for everyone and in particular to persons with disabilities. Made from a single sheet of translucent Corian that expresses lightness and transparency, shaped and handcrafted, Flight is a light in one area of the bathroom for disabled people, often characterized looking cold, and orthopedic technician. Flight, on the contrary, thanks to its smooth flowing lines exceeds, as in flight, the barriers of classic design aesthetic.


Product Design


Massimo & Francesco Rodighiero




Roberto Bellini